The best way to make job applications online and write the perfect cover letter


Having been a head-hunter for many years, I am really keen to advise people on how to apply for jobs online. I believe there are two crucial stages, sending your CV for job application and writing the perfect cover letter to engage the employer.

What tools should I being using for my job application and improving my cover letter?

A very revealing tool to develop your CV is a career assessment test. This allows experts who have worked in the employment field for many years to give you an objective look at your CV and how it can be modified to suit your online job application. This assessment will give you guidance but it may also be useful to look at job application templates as well.

What are career personality tests?

A career personality test is used by employers looking for certain personality characteristics suitable for their company. You can, however, stay one step ahead as there is a free career test online for you to try first.

What should I put in my cover letter?

Firstly, what is a cover letter? A cover letter is your best chance to make a favourable impression with your potential employer so it is crucial that you get this right! You can do this by using an example cover letter and tailoring your cover letter for your on-line job applications.