Are you looking for a job that you would REALLY enjoy?

Does your job allow you to fulfil your career purpose? Or have you realized that your job makes you feel unhappy and are you coping with unpleasant feelings as result? Are you feeling as if you are on the wrong career path? Your feelings about your job will help you to decide what career direction you need to follow.

You know it is time for a career change if you don’t want to go to work, if you avoid doing essential tasks, or if you start falling out with people at work. You may be getting certain important career change messages that you need to listen to before taking action. The types of signs that you may be receiving are being told something by a colleague or friend, being invited to an event where you meet someone who can help you or seeing something important in a film or video. Missing the signs that a career change is necessary is quite common. The intention of the career wake-up call is to help you realise that you are capable and worthy of so much more career wise.

The best way to respond to any type of career sign is to tap into your inner voice and see what it is telling you. Make any notes regarding the messages you are receiving and the feelings you are experiencing. The very nature of a career sign is to help you to believe in yourself and to take the necessary action.
Career wake-up calls help to prepare you to that it is time to change your career or profession. 

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