How to write a cover letter and how to write a personal statement?

In the world of headhunting a question I get asked a lot is, how to write a personal statement? The personal statement can be used when applying for university. internships or vacation schemes. It is crucial that the candidate takes time to write such an important document to their application. I feel it is best for candidates to use personal statement examples to give them a template and guide when writing their personal statement. Candidates can base their application on the very important personal statement format from these examples to achieve the best results. Why is the CV useful to a candidate when writing a personal statement? Your best attributes and skills from your CV can be inputted across into your CV personal statement, this may help you save time in your application.

The cover letter, where to start?

Another question my clients ask me is how to write a cover letter? Of course the cover letter is the partner to the CV, the two central assets you need for your job hunt. Sometimes this is referred to as a CV cover letter. Firstly when advising my clients, I ask them to rewrite their cover letter using cover letter examples. Many clients tell me that writing a cover letter is an unnatural way of writing for them so using a sample cover letter is very useful. This insight from these samples gives my clients a better understanding of what a cover letter format entails.

What is the perfect CV?

For me personally the perfect CV is a document which encompasses all the best attributes of the individual, displays them in a simple easily readable format and is also tailored to the specific job in question. How to write a perfect CV? Get help! Ask friends, family who may have a second opinion or even better, ask the experts. with the internet experts of CV writing are two clicks away! The perfect CV example is a out there some where!


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